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Query on Copy.AI API

copi.ai API document is not clear. Do we have any document available to hit Copy.AI API. It seems API is not mature enough to use it. Can anyone help with detailed steps.

How brand voice will work using your API

Hello, How the brand voice will work in your API for the chat ?

API Reference

Is it possible to get the result in tools using your api? such as google headlines, descriptions, etc.

How long it will take to get api access

How long it will take to get api access?


Start typing markdown or type / to insert a blockC Currently Pro user, try to get API Key to test our auto service. Where can I get it?

Where to get my API key?

I've upgraded to pro but couldn't find the API key. please help !

Webhooks to sync content with external platforms?

Hey, I was wondering if you plan to add webhook capabilities to your platform? Having the ability to automatically push content creation via webhook would be really powerful for marketing automations. - Incoming webhooks: To prompt your AI to generate data driven recommendations. - Outgoing webhooks for content output. We'd love to implement something like that for our customers at [anytrack](https://anytrack.io). Thanks!

How to get API key?

I fill form but did't receive any response about my request.

when i can test or use this API

How i can get and use copi.ai API.

What features does the AI API support

I am interested in you subject for example, will I be able to run this via your API?