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i want to use that function with api how i can ?

<https://www.copy.ai/tools/seo-title-generator> i want this to use with api how can i ?

Guzzle http response for php

Guzzle http response for php should return $res = $response->getBody()->getContents(); print_r(json_decode($res)); // or dd(json_decode($res)); for laravel

Infobase not uploading documents

Is anyone else having an issue uploading documents to the Infobase? Once uploaded, it says processing file for a while before showing the error message "your file failed to upload. please try again"

Different versions of text each api call

Hello I'm new to copy.ai and I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. I have the following question regarding workflows and the API: Let's say I have a workflow that creates 10 different versions of a text. Is there a way to call the same workflow more than once, and get different versions of the text in each call? The new versions generated are the same on each call. Thanks in advance

Wokflow using brand voice

How can take brand voice as input to workdlow

Regarding carriers in copy ai

I wanted to know about the carriers in copy ai

How to use Brand Voice in workflows ?

Hello team, I would like to incorporate the brand voice into my workflows. Could you please guide me on how to achieve this?

How to get the generated text of my workflow via a call to my API?

The calling to my API is fine, but i get for an answear something like this "Enter the article URL: <https://www.cryptopolitan.com/south-korea-crypto-regulations-sec-chair/> Request to Copy.ai API successful! Generated Text:" The generated text is not here because it's being generated after this answear. Here is my code : import requests # Copy.ai API information api_key "xxx" api_endpoint = "xxx" # Prompt the user to enter a link article_url = input("Enter the article URL: ") # Prepare payload and headers payload = { "startVariables": {"article_url": article_url}, "metadata": {"api": True} } headers = { "Content-Type": "application/json", "x-copy-ai-api-key": api_key } # Make a request to the Copy.ai API response = requests.post(api_endpoint, json=payload, headers=headers) # Check the response for the API call if response.status_code == 201 or response.status_code == 200: print("Request to Copy.ai API successful!") # Extract and print the generated text generated_text = response.json().get("data", {}).get("output_text", "") print("Generated Text:") print(generated_text) else: print(f"Error: {response.status_code} - {response.text}")

API test without paid credits

Can I test API with workflow and webhook in my PHP code, without paid any credits?

Using the Copy.ai workflow in Nodejs application

How do I get a response to my post? For example, I say, "What is biology?" and I want to get the response on my website. How do I get the responses in my application?